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Transformation and especially digital transformation is on everyone’s lips. The goal is to remain competitive today and tomorrow. A basic rule for this is to develop the best customer experience and loyalty. But how do you start Digital Transformation?

Challenge: The digital business world is complex and diverse, it demands a new kind of networked thinking. The healthcare sector is confronted with rapid technological change and thus increasing consumer needs. However, it is very reluctant to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization today due to a variety of regulations and strong sector boundaries. Care processes often still seem archaic.

Outlook: In the digital transformation, previously valid corporate values such as classically hierarchical organizational structures, product-centered development and a concentration on market share often lose importance. Instead, new solutions are developed together with customers. The focus is on recognizing user needs. Successful practices are extended to the organization, teams work together agilely. This is how network effects are used. Offerings can be scaled up accordingly and often replace individual products with unique selling points.

It is not advisable to approach digital transformation like a previous change management project. Instead of a top-down process, we recommend the involvement of everyone, beyond the respective organizational silos. In this way, we give everyone involved the opportunity to go through the cognitive process themselves and to create a new understanding together. Having arrived in a customer-centric ecosystem, the Digital Transformation has been successful.

Healthcare Shapers, with their diverse backgrounds as consultants, doctors, engineers or IT experts, are experts, digital explorers and transformers for the healthcare sector. We are at your side to advise and help you navigate through times of digital uncertainty.


How to engage with us

Some of our clients seek informal exchange with experts. Come to one of our events, where we talk about trends in the healthcare industry. Other clients simply want to get a second opinion on a difficult question. At a Sounding Board, we bring together the right experts and take a position on your question. Very pragmatically and without a large consulting fee. Sometimes, however, it is also a matter of clarifying a question. Often a tailor-made workshop with the right people involved helps to create a concrete project plan. And if you already have the plan for your project, we can help you find the right consultant or the perfectly coordinated project team. Often we also fill roles ad interim. And always without overhead costs. Because we are not a consulting firm but a network of independent entrepreneurs. And we think just as entrepreneurially as our clients.

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