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Technology and engineering have become an integral part of current and future healthcare. They are widely used in the both diagnostic and therapeutic area: devices, systems, measuring instruments, implants and digital drugs.

Medical devices include various hardware, disposables, simple as well as complex diagnostic and therapeutic devices and software for the operation of medical devices or complex infrastructures. The variety is enormous: from the POC (point of care) test to the tomographs, from hearing aids to miniaturized implant, from surgical robots to the intelligent catheters.

Challenge: Medtech consulting & project management — from idea check to validation and market approval. In the development process of new “medical devices”, from the first (product) idea (“ideation”) to the market launch, market surveillance regarding safety and the “end-of-life”, many disciplines have to be brought together in orfer to place products economically successful on the market.

Outlook: With the Healthcare Shapers network, many of whom are medtech specialists, the required know-how is quickly available. Typical customers are technology entrepreneurs, start-ups, heads of innovation, CTOs and R&D managers, corporate ventures, venture capitalists. Based on many years of experience, the Healthcare Shapers offer a wide range of expertise:

  • From the early concept and brainstorming of ideas for products up to the implementation including validations and inspections
  • From the fast identification and validation of technical solutions to IP (intellectual property) strategies
  • From technical due diligence in the context of investment decisions to early feasibility studies / assessments
  • From automation to manufacturing processes, in particular upscaling (ramp-up) and product and process engineering

Healthcare Shapers accompany all necessary processes / steps as a team or individual coach and, if necessary, also take over project management. The “Think Tank as a Service” offers a comprehensive opportunity to specifically transform creative work and early development processes into new thinking and action in an innovative and creative environment.


How to engage with us

Some of our clients seek informal exchange with experts. Come to one of our events, where we talk about trends in the healthcare industry. Other clients simply want to get a second opinion on a difficult question. At a Sounding Board, we bring together the right experts and take a position on your question. Very pragmatically and without a large consulting fee. Sometimes, however, it is also a matter of clarifying a question. Often a tailor-made workshop with the right people involved helps to create a concrete project plan. And if you already have the plan for your project, we can help you find the right consultant or the perfectly coordinated project team. Often we also fill roles ad interim. And always without overhead costs. Because we are not a consulting firm but a network of independent entrepreneurs. And we think just as entrepreneurially as our clients.

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