Dr. Ursula Kramer

Ursula Kramer is pharmacist by training with a PhD in Pharmacology, an MBA from WHU-Kellogg and a proven track record in the pharmaceutical industry. As head of Product Management and Marketing, she launched and managed Rx drugs and vaccines in Germany and Europe.

In 2003, Ursula founded her own Health Care Communications and Marketing agency Sanawork. With her team of interdisciplinary experts, her outstanding market knowledge and the combination of scientific and marketing expertise, she develops medical training as well as marketing programs. She has deep expertise in a broad variety of therapeutic areas, e. g. vaccination, dementia, chronic pain, diabetes, obesity.

From the very beginning of the mobile revolution in 2008, Ursula was focussing on digital health. She developed one of the very first German Android health apps and built up an app curation platform for health and medical apps — HealthOn is now the biggest and most popular in Germany.

As digital health experts, Ursula and her team are consulting, for instance, insurance companies, medical associations, health startups and academic partners in how to make better use of digital health in providing value for patients and in improving overall patient centricity. She has established a code of honor for health app developers and works on quality criteria and evaluation methods in order to leverage opportunities and manage risk of digital health applications. In addition, she supports Life Science Companies in customizing global online collaboration platforms (MS SharePoint) to the different needs of the internal cross-functional matrix organizations.

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Dr. Ursula Kramer

Damenstr. 21
D-79183 Waldkirch

M +49 160 9912 0207