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From Crisis to Clarity

From Crisis to Clarity

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest:
Kathy Letendre
President, Letendre & Associates LLC

Now, more than ever, organizations need clarity.

For some healthcare organizations, the crisis of the past year became a strategic accelerator! They accomplished more in a few months than they had in years. For other organizations, this was not the case. They are just now coming out of crisis management mode and recognizing that they need to define where they are headed. Both types of organizations recognize that healthcare and those they serve have been forever changed. One of the roles of leaders is to paint a picture of a path forward.

Listen or watch this conversation with Kathy Letendre about the importance of strategic clarity for moving forward from this unprecedented year.

Now is the time to be bold. Be clear.

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Kathy Letendre creates transformative experiences for her clients, catapulting organizational performance to new heights. As an experienced healthcare executive and champion of transformational improvement, Kathy Letendre shares her expertise, helping leaders achieve unprecedented levels of excellence for their organizations. An expert in organizational excellence, transformation, and performance, she advises healthcare organizations from hospitals and medical practices to mental health agencies and health systems. With Kathy’s counsel, her clients set new strategic directions and execute their ambitious plans, achieving results of importance to healthcare organizations and those they serve.