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How 20+ powerful women of the Healthcare Shapers support your business

How 20+ powerful women of the Healthcare Shapers support your business

The International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women; it also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually for well over a century on March 8, with the first one gathering in 1911.[1] Hence, this particular day is deemed reason enough to put a spotlight on the strong women of the Healthcare Shapers network.

The individual partners of Healthcare Shapers, who are located in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, are consultants and interim managers with many years of practical experience in the healthcare industry. The diverse competencies of the partners enable the Healthcare Shapers to cover almost all areas of the healthcare sector in breadth and depth, and to develop tailor-made, forward-looking, pragmatic, feasible and effective solutions without overhead costs, supporting their clients in pursuit of success.

The currently 21 highly experienced women within the network (i.e. approximately one quarter of the Healthcare Shapers in total) cover a remarkable part of theentire healthcare value chain and reflect the diversity of the network. With deep expertise, optimized cross-market collaboration, seamless hand-overs and interfaces to accompany the client, they provide future-oriented solutions that lead to success.

Establishing a solid basis

Emerging healthcare companies need expertise and guidance in establishing a national or international footprint, gaining significant market traction that results in meaningful sales and becoming thought leaders and market standouts. Laura Carabello helps companies achieve this positioning through impactful public relations and marketing campaigns – growing companies that eventual get acquired, merged or conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The regulatory requirements for the development, testing, market access, as well as the continuous maintenance of an approved marketing authorization are complex, subject to quicker and quicker revision and depend on the respective type of product (e.g. medical device or innovative medicinal products). Their proficient implementation belongs to the essentials of a company and is often perceived as burden; however, it facilitates, if done properly, focusing on the development of effective and efficient medicines and medical devices.

Based on a proven track record in the respective area, the special focus of Dr. Monika Boos is on drug safety (pharmacovigilance). She supports pharma and biotech companies in setting up or improving the pharmacovigilance system and implementing legal requirements, acts as independent consultant and assumes interim management positions as responsible person for pharmacovigilance, e.g. EU QPPV. Her further activity areas concern medical devices (vigilance, clinical evaluation) and selected pharma law matters.

People at work and corporate culture

Kathy Letendre works with healthcare delivery organizations to create their excellence advantage. She guides leaders, teams, and healthcare providers to define excellence, in their terms, for the communities and patients they serve. Together they accelerate excellence in care delivery through transformative improvements, innovation, and translating strategy into actions.

What people can imagine and what they can do still drives the healthcare industry. From researchers to providers, from supply chain planners to social media experts, from IT-nerd to generalist leader. Brigitte D. Lippmann supports organisations in providing the people-related infrastructure, designing the processes and nurturing the culture they need to fulfil their strategy – from start-up organization to 130-year old Fortune 50. For that, she helps employees in this dynamic and global industry to define how to achieve their potential with improved presence, communication and (self-)leadership.

Social trends, new generations and the increasing complexity of our environment are changing companies not only from the outside, but also from the inside. In an intensive co-working process, Eva Zweidorf accompanies companies and their managers and employees into a new working culture. She strengthens change, responsibility and a new way of working together. In this way Eva enables inner growth, which is effective externally.

“Collaboration is my brand” Ellen Saltsman states. She designs and delivers interactive, engaging, creative programs of any size worldwide, transforming “offsite workshops” into meetings that drive divergent/convergent thinking and generate actionable, tangible results.  Ellen combines a creative environment with a consistent methodology to help organizations of every kind make effective decisions quickly.

Patient in Focus

Patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, reimbursement, and medical malpractice claims. In today’s world of healthcare, your individual and collective success depends on patient satisfaction. Clinical outcomes alone are no longer the differentiator. Providing and achieving preeminent service outcomes, in addition to desired clinical outcomes, is what it takes to be a premiere provider.

Kim Wilkerson is known as a real-time, high impact consultant and coach who creates both dramatic organizational success and profound individual growth. She is recognized for achieving mission critical, high stakes results. Kim’s focus on “The Patient Experience,” includes patient centered services, patient engagement, communications, leadership, team dynamics and interaction, and provider shadowing and coaching… all in the name of being a premiere healthcare provider.

Dyan Bryson helps the healthcare industry finally put the patient at the center of their business as they have long promised. She develops and implements initiatives to help improve behavioral and health outcomes as well as medication adherence. Dyan does this with and without the use of technology designed specifically for the pharmaceutical/medical device company and healthcare institutions.

Digitization and digital transformation

Digital transformation has reached healthcare industries and opens new opportunities for data-driven patient journey. At the same time data privacy regulations worldwide and particularly in Europe build a serious obstacle for predictive analytics, real-world evidence and other data-driven models. Natalya Spuling supports healthcare companies to implement data privacy requirements in order to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other healthcare privacy laws, so her clients can focus on their core business.      

“The digital transformation offers great advantages and opportunities for flexible companies” Serdil Dogan says. Serdil supports and accompanies the healthcare market in digitization and digital transformation – from the first idea over strategy development up to the successful and sustainable implementation. Her conceptional solutions unfold the digital potential of your company.

Dr. Ursula Kramer is working to ensure that patients and healthcare providers (HCPs) get access to digital innovations that generate value. With quality-assured information on quality, trustworthiness and security of health apps, Ursula supports health insurance companies, companies in the life science and MedTech industry and HCPs with the largest quality platform for health apps in Germany. She strengthens the Digital Health Competence of patients and HCPs with advanced training and help start-ups with the certification of their products as medical devices according to EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR).

Dr. Elisabeth Siegmund-Schultze helps clients to design digitally augmented health programs with a focus on screening, delivery of care, and lifestyle improvement. As a physician and health economist with broad experience in health insurance, she takes into account various issues such as customer base expansion, reduction of spending, and adherence to prescribed medication. Elisabeth is always driven by the concept of value-based healthcare.

For organizations in digital transformation, Maike Dieckmann (re-)designs sound strategies, which help clients develop a viable service, creating value for patients and providers. She is a Hasso-Plattner-Institute-certified Design Thinking Coach with many years of sector-specific experience as an executive, especially in business development.

Strategic communication

Beatrix Benz is the partner for Strategic Communications and Public Affairs in Healthcare and Life Sciences. She has a passion for communication and supports start-up, biotech, medtech as well as pharmaceutical companies with a tailor-made approach to find the best solutions to deliver maximum impact and establish long-term success. Beatrix offers companies and individuals a holistic advisory approach – focused, concise and results-driven.

Today’s information overflow puts a strain on physicians. They have an important number of channels to consult. Pauline Millaard supports her clients in defining the optimal brand communication strategy with impactful tactics considering all possible on- and offline touchpoints as well as available customer data from CRM, CLM and other data sources. “My expertise in digital platforms, digital tools combined with the use of impact modeling are drivers of successful customer engagement outcome” Pauline says.

Marketing, sales and revenue

“What use is the best device without targeted and professional sales?” Corinna Ernst rightly asks. Products requiring explanation, that are meant for research and diagnostics ought to have a targeted sales strategy. Corinna’s customers can rely on receiving reliable feedback from future users about their medical devices. Reference centers becoming established and first sales will be realised within a short period of time. Corinna’s clients will also benefit from her excellent network, learn about the investment processes and save valuable time and resources.

Regina Shanklin helps healthcare clients become more customer centric to drive profitable revenue growth. She achieves this through driving the development of more powerful customer communications through better segmentation, targeting and value proposition development. 

Kristina Nix is an independent manager for synergistic healthcare marketing. She successfully establishes healthcare initiatives and educational programs in connection with healthcare products. Positioning and launching new drugs and treatments, developing communication strategies, as well as identifying and meeting customer needs are her core competences.

Added value – One step ahead

Due to the unique structure of personally networked consultants, the Healthcare Shapers are more than the sum of many consultants. Each partner of the network has outstanding skills and has qualified in an intensive selection process to become a member. Healthcare Shapers are recognized experts in their field; they have many years of professional experience and an excellent reputation. Only those who have qualified themselves professionally and personally in a multi-stage selection process can become partners in the network.

Like their clients, the Healthcare Shapers think and act as entrepreneurs. That’s how they find the form of collaboration that creates the most value for all parties involved, e.g., think tanks, workshops, events or projects. More information about the Healthcare Shapers’ strong women can be found in their individual profiles under where you can also figure out how Dr. Angela Schremmer, Dr. Claudia Ulbrich and Frauke Wildvang may support you or contribute to make your business become more successful.


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Monika Boos holds a doctor’s degree in human medicine (MD, PhD) and a master’s degree in pharmaceutical laws (LL.M.). She is an independent consultant with long-time professional experience in pharmacy, hospital, medical practice and the pharmaceutical industry.

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