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Dr. Dankwart Rauscher

Dr. Dankwart Rauscher is a highly experienced consultant and interim manager in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. His functional areas of expertise include:

  • Business Development
  • Portfolio Management
  • Launch Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Project and Product Evaluation
  • Licensing Support
  • Tender Management Support
  • Market Analysis and Screening
  • Pricing and Market Access

Dankwart’s product expertise covers prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals, branded products and generics, food supplements, dietary products, medical devices (CE), and healthcare-related items.

Additionally, Dankwart founded DU-Pharma GmbH, a company that holds a Wholesale License according to §52a AMG in Germany. This allows the company to offer a full-service distribution platform, including access to an external warehouse.

Dankwart studied Biology at the University of Regensburg and obtained a doctoral degree (Dr.rer.nat.) in Pharmaceutical Biology from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nürnberg.

Dr. Dankwart Rauscher

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Dr. Dankwart Rauscher
DU-Pharma GmbH
Sedanstraße 14
D-89077 Ulm Germany

Phone: +49 172 732 6586


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