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Virtual Reality

With VR glasses, users are placed in experienced, artificial environments that are very close to reality. The variety of applications in the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and has long since left the research stage.

Challenge: While simulations are part of the normal development process in other industries such as aerospace, the healthcare industry often works directly with patients. The reasons for this include the existing training of physicians or a supposedly well-intentioned focus on the individual, which should not be done virtually.

Outlook: With increasing speed in computer capacity, graphics and image processing has become better and better. What initially found its way into computer games under the keywords “Augmented” and “Virtual Reality” is increasingly being used in medicine. For example, patients are confronted with phobias, surgeons learn how to operate on virtual organs or product developers virtually enter a new medical device to be developed.

For the creation of impressive VR presentations, there are now also very innovative VR tools available for medicine, pharmaceutical companies and the health sector to create very impressive VR tours without programming knowledge.

Virtual reality is still a niche in medicine, but progress is fast. Healthcare Shapers partner Dr. Michael Gerards explains where the application areas are in this video.

A clear presentation of selected use cases and reference projects can be found in this article.

Virtual Reality

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