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Michel Verhasselt

Michel Verhasselt is a recognised and experienced expert in the field of health economics, market access, coding (activity-based pricing and PMSI) and reimbursement. In 2012, he founded MediTech Access, providing advice and support for the European market access of medical devices and healthcare technologies.

For almost 30 years, Michel has held positions, both internationally and locally, for the medical device industry, healthcare providers and insurance companies. He has contributed his expertise to renowned companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Baxter, Linde, Allianz/World Aid and Edward Lifesciences. He has successfully managed the financing and reimbursement of groundbreaking innovations such as transcutaneous aortic valves (TAVI) in France, Benelux and Switzerland, resulting in significant TAVI pricing and appropriate care. He has developed an expertise in market access in various therapeutic areas, including diabetes, renal therapies, medical gases, wound healing, pain, respiratory, intensive care, interventional cardiology and e-health.

Michel holds a Master’s degree in business administration and health economics from the Université catholique de Lille (Catholic University of Lille), France.

Michel Verhasselt

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Michel Verhasselt
MediTech Access
2 place de Touraine
F-78000 Versailles

Phone: +33 6 7717 3949


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