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Martin Katzenmeyer

Martin Katzenmeyer, founder of HealthAssist, has gained over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Assigned in management responsibilities for more than 30 years, he was active in various positions such as Head of Sales and Healthcare Relations Germany and, in the past years, as global Director Pricing & Market Access for more than 100 countries.

During his career he acquired sound knowledge of German healthcare policy, market access and in particular pricing of pharmaceutical products - both Rx and OTC as well as concrete insights into the evaluation methods and mechanisms of new drugs and indication extensions at national (DE), European and global level and their impact on third countries. 

He is able to provide you with an overview of pricing methods worldwide combined with in-depth knowledge of international price referencing (IPR) with regard to referencing methods, reference countries, processes and frequencies and when and how these must be strategically taken into account.

Due to his extensive sales experiences he has additional knowledge of the stakeholders and requirements in the most important markets. 

Combined with his ability to think outside the box, he is able to translate insights into business-relevant solutions that adds value for your company.

Martin Katzenmeyer

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Chapter: DE Members

Stakeholder Expertise

Health Policy | Trade

Functional Expertise

Health Economics | Market Access | PR / Health Policy | Sales

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Proj / Program Mgmt | Strategy | Workshops

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Asia | Europe | France | Germany | Others | USA


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