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Dr. Lutz Weber

Lutz Weber is a leading figure in the field of microfluidics, one of the most innovative and rapidly developing areas of technology. His company, Wingcs Consulting, provides a comprehensive range of services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, CRO/CMO and large corporations. These include support with the development, intellectual property, volume manufacturing, validation and commercialisation of products in life sciences, biotechnology, diagnostics, environmental technology and pharmaceutical markets. The ultimate goal of the company is to generate sustainable business for its clients and related partners.

Lutz gained his international reputation through engineering and general management roles at FhG IMM, thinXXS Microtechnology GmbH and IDEX Corporation. He holds a PhD in precision engineering and a Diploma in Physics. He is the author of numerous scientific publications pioneering microtechnology and has been awarded over 70 patents. Additionally, Lutz is an active angel investor.

Lutz Weber

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