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Dr. Erkan Hassan

Dr. Erkan Hassan, Pharm.D., FCCM has over 20 years’ experience identifying and solving clinical challenges with key stakeholders from innovative technology companies and integrated health delivery systems. He works with executive level and key health system stakeholders using evidence based clinical data to create innovative, intelligent ecosystems to define, develop and quantify patient centered clinical and financial strategic priorities and outcomes.

Dr. Hassan has held clinical and faculty positions at University and academic health systems establishing new clinical roles in critical care. Dr. Hassan has helped develop and grow the first U.S. tele-ICU system (VISICU and subsequently Philips), most recently serving as the Director of Clinical Affairs and Principal and Founder of a healthcare transformation consulting company.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Ability to couple clinical subject matter experience with business acumen to achieve quadruple aim goals
  • C-suite leadership engagement to identify and develop strategy to meet current key challenges
  • Healthcare transformation partnership with client(s) to address workflows, metrics, training, and critical success factors with clinical programs to improve the quality or cost efficiency of care

Dr. Hassan has served in leadership positions within critical care and critical care pharmacy through the Society of Critical Care Medicine and was one of the early pharmacists in the U.S. to be inducted into the American College of Critical Care Medicine, and the first pharmacist to be appointed to the Coalition for Critical Care Excellence.

Dr. Hassan has 2 patents on proactive patient deterioration algorithms. With numerous international and national presentations has authored 56 abstracts, 31 peer reviewed publications and 7 book chapters in pharmacy nursing and medical journals focusing on telehealth, drug management and considerations in the critically ill patient.

Dr. Erkan Hassan

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Dr. Erkan Hassan
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