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Dr. Christian Braun

Dr. Christian Braun is a medical doctor specialized in Internal, General, Clinical Acute & Emergency Medicine with over 25 years of clinical experience. Additionally, he holds a degree in specialized Genetic Counseling and Anthroposophical Medicine and he is a certified Ultrasound Tutor across multiple specialties including Echocardiography. He has held significant clinical and research roles at Charité, the Robert Koch Institute, and Bern University Hospital. He also worked as a doctor in private practice in the area of statutory health insurance and later as head physician of a prevention practice group.

In 2020 Dr. Christian Braun has successfully founded and managed a digital health company at the country level. His versatile skill set includes overseeing legal, financial, HR, regulatory, and operational aspects of the company, along with IT and in-house software product development. He excelled in business development, sales, marketing, public relations, and public affairs. In his role of Chief Medical Officer, he was responsible for Medical Affairs, including the development of medical guidelines, SOPs, quality assurance, compliance, telemedical training, implementation of medical devices and telemedical services. 

He has leveraged his expertise to shape the field of digital health and telemedicine and is also passionate about his consulting activities for various digital health companies about the integration of telemedicine into traditional healthcare. In addition, he runs his own private practice with a focus on prevention and longevity. 

Dr. Braun's comprehensive experience and dedication to advancing medical practice make him a valuable consultant and leader in the healthcare industry.

Christian Braun

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Dr. med. Christian Tasso Braun

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