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Detlef Mangels

Detlef Mangels has long upheld the belief that 'Leadership is a choice, not merely a position,' a principle that he has consistently demonstrated throughout his illustrious career in Sales & Marketing within the European medical device industry. 

Holding diverse leadership roles as General Manager, Business Director, and Interim Manager for prominent US market leaders across various medical sectors such as Diagnostic Instruments, Clinical Chemistry, Blood and Diabetes Diagnostics, Vascular Surgery, Heart Surgery, and Intervention Cardiology, Detlef has continuously tackled formidable challenges, including team restructuring and the development of robust distribution channels. He spearheads strategic initiatives, actively participating in execution, reimbursement, and restructuring endeavors, as required. His approach combines astute analytical skills with sound business judgment, always discerning opportunities even amidst adversity.

His recent forays into startup projects, facilitating EU market entry in fields like Heart Failure, Aortic Arch Treatment Implants, and groundbreaking Orthopedic polymer-based innovations, are a testament to his extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of market requisites. 
Embarking on new ventures in 3D implant printing at the point of care, alongside the production of personalized medication through printing technologies, presents him with fresh challenges to surmount. Inspiring others, fostering networks, and promoting collaborative team play remain his defining attributes. Detlef is instrumental in defining and executing market entry strategies, funding, paving the path to success.

Recognizing the pivotal role of skilled personnel in establishing a company's competitive edge, he also serves as an executive consultant. His expertise in managing both small and large teams, encompassing up to 40 employees, qualifies him as a coach with a developmental approach, prioritizing people loyalty.

Given the critical significance of collaborative approaches and innovative thinking in every sale and marketing process within the medical devices sector, Detlef consistently delivers tangible value. His adeptness at forging connections with key opinion leaders, coupled with his hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to achieving results, underscores the rationale for engaging with Detlef Mangels

Detlef Mangels

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Detlef Mangels
Buchenstrasse 5
D-85664 Hohenlinden

Phone: +49 (0) 171 1498 889

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