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Building vs. Breaking Mental Health with Digital Technology

Building vs. Breaking Mental Health with Digital Technology

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest:
Craig A. DeLarge, MBA, MPH
Digital Health Strategist, The Digital Mental Health Project

A tipping point is approaching where the majority of humanity will use digital devices for communication, work and shopping. What if this same majority were equally good at using their digital devices to increase their mental and behavioral wellness.

A barrier to this “what if” is digital mental health literacy, or skillfulness in applying everyday digital technologies to one’s mental and behavioral health.

Listen or watch as Craig DeLarge describes:
*His journey that lead to the formation of The Digital Mental Health Project
*How increasing supply of digital mental health solutions that is not understood or adopted well enough in our population creates the need for digital mental health literacy
*Digital mental health applications which include teletherapy, mobile apps, virtual reality, passive remote sensing, care coordination, etc.
*What equitable mental healthcare looks like.

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Craig A. DeLarge is a digital healthcare strategist and mental health advocate at The Digital Mental Health Project, where he produces education programs and research which help improve adoption of digital technology in the mental ahd behavioral health spaces.

In his career, as a digital & healthcare marketer, strategist and educator, he has managed in and with world-class firms like Novo Nordisk, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co., Takeda and Johnson & Johnson, as well as teaching at Temple University, Philadelphia University, Chestnut Hill College, St. Joseph’s University and Penn State University. He is currently Marketing Director at Ksana Health. His career is focused on “improving health” & “developing leaders”. 

He holds bachelor’s and master’s degree in Marketing and Design Management from Philadelphia University (USA) (BSc), and from the University of Westminster (UK) (MBA). He is currently a graduate Public Health candidate at King’s College, London. He is also a certified professional coach and published author of The WiseWorking Handbook (2014).

He resides in Philadelphia, PA, USA.