Karine Soulat

Karine Soulat is an e-health marketing consultant and an expert for Digital Therapeutics. She trains and advises startups and pharmaceutical companies on the development of e-health projects.

Before becoming an independent consultant, she has worked for more than 20 years in marketing roles, e.g., at BMS and Biogen in France and for global team in the US.

By co-creating innovative projects with multidisciplinary teams, Karine creates a “boost” effect for the field. She brings deep experience in health marketing, launching blockbusters, and leading innovative projects  She has implemented personalized services for healthcare professionals and patients.

Karine has an economics background and recently graduated from an MBA, specialized in digital marketing and market access for digital therapies.

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Karine Soulat
24 rue du Chateau Landon
F-75010 Paris