Dr. Georg Lübben

Georg started his career as ENT physician before joining the pharmaceutical industry. He held various leading positions in clinical research, marketing, market access and sales.

After 20 years within the pharmaceutical industry he joined in 2012 the AAC AG, a non-stock consultancy company focused on outpatient care customers (doctor`s offices, hospitals) covering all aspects of earnings, organization but also national and regional prescribing limits/parameters and legislation of pharmaceuticals. AAC AG covers both systems — the statutory as well as the private health care system and has a long-standing and broad expertise. The company is giving regular economic and legal advice based on its own analytical programs to over 2,000 customers.

In addition, Georg build up a broad range of consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry. He focuses on strategies of regional market access, sales training as well as education programs for health care professionals on all aspects for efficient prescribing of pharmaceuticals within the SHI system.

Georg is a physician by training with a MD and doctoral degree from Semmelweis University of Budapest (Hungary).

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Dr. Georg Lübben
Zimmerstrasse  68
D-10117 Berlin
M +49 170 2256 827