Beatus Hofrichter

Beatus Hofrichter is CEO of ConCeplus. ConCeplus acts as an international Think Tank & Strategy Consultant for Healthcare and Life Sciences stakeholders, who are in pursuit of sustainable market expansion strategies and innovative business models. ConCeplus supports the ‘Strategy-to-Transformation’ process with hands-on change management for its clients.

Beatus provides unique insights, creative concepts, and proprietary benchmarks on the basis for your engagements all transformations in person. He helps clients to envision new perspectives, extra-ordinary concepts or non-traditional collaborations in established markets and their offerings, deriving and implementing novel, disruptive business models smoothly in time.

He held various international industry and consulting positions with leading global players, providing a vast experience to any of his engagements. Beatus leads and drives transformation personally for clients of all sizes and across geographies.

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Beatus Hofrichter

Lützelaustrasse 44
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