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Dr. Nina Althoff

Dr. Nina Althoff is an expert in strategy development and project management. Her expertise includes user-centric product development, building innovative business models, as well as sales, customer service and marketing. She supports players in defining long-term sustainable market positioning, putting customers in the center of the analyses and not getting lost in too many details. As a coach, she supports organizational development and transformation processes.

Nina holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in business administration. Additionally, she has successfully completed postgraduate studies in the fields of health economics. She started her career at RHÖN KLINIKUM AG building and managing medical-care centers (“MVZ”). Subsequently, she joined BARMER, one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany, and was responsible for a successful reorganization of the entire company. Following from there, she has been responsible for the customer experience and sales unit.

Nina is founder and managing director of Muutus, a consulting company specializing in strategy consulting, managed care programs and (process) innovation management in health care. The Portfolio includes workshops, project management, coaching, moderation and reflection. Muutus’ work is best defined in their claim: care. The company is driven by the concept of value-based medicine and well managed care concepts.

Nina is convinced that only collaboration will lead to true innovation and company growth.  As a start for something new, she is positive that listening, changing the perspective and breaking through established thought patterns is the key to shaping a desirable future – together with a group of people who are anxious to change and tackle the issues at hand.

With an empathetic und energetic leadership style, Nina is eager to shape the future for a successful healthcare system.

Dr. Nina Althoff

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Chapter: DE Members

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Providers - Healthcare | Payers / Insurance | Startups

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Development | Health Economics | HR | Market Research | Sales

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Alliance Mgmt | Business Development | Change Mgmt | Coaching | Org Design | Proj / Program Mgmt | Strategy

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Dr. Nina Althoff
Hofgut Kolnhausen 42
D-35423 Lich

Phone: +49 172 8866 482


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