The framework conditions for in- and outpatient care of patients are constantly changing. Poor communication, care redundancies, clinical variation and profit loss — these are just some of the pain points our clients face as a result of disparate, uncoordinated hospital departments.

The structures for economic success must therefore be continuously and actively developed – whether as a single location or in regional cooperation up to a supra-regional network.

Challenge: Many areas at the sectoral interface, such as outpatient and inpatient elective or emergency care, are subject to constant change, for example due to digitalization and telehealth. The strategic corporate development of service providers must face numerous challenges. Transparency, validity and objectivity are necessary success factors for strategic planning discussions between management, senior physicians and senior nursing staff. The main focus is on service development, resources, competence and quality of results, competition and profitability. We help our clients to streamline care delivery between Emergency and Hospital Medicine departments and to enhance hospital’s continuity of care by delivering more efficient patient hand-offs, reduced LOS, increased patient capacity, greater revenue, and most importantly—better patient care.

Outlook: Strategic corporate development in care requires positioning and development of a corresponding medical target portfolio. In a consolidating market, this requires strategic medical stress tests and the evaluation and revision of strategic medical concepts. In the context of takeovers and acquisitions, the reconciliation of interests between financial investors, banks and (medical) companies is becoming increasingly important.

Healthcare Shapers have many years of experience in this segment and know the relevant data sources, analysis methods, success factors and key figures. They are familiar with the “rules of the game” of the daily practice of patient care and can thus derive reliable recommendations for action. They accompany acquisitions and change processes in inpatient care facilities both professionally and as moderators. They provide high-level consulting services to entrepreneurs, companies and investors in the medical field.

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