Franc Pepelnik

Franc Pepelnik is an eHealth expert since 2012. Designing cloud-based patient health records, collecting patient data, analysing and creating reports for health professionals was one of Franc’s key projects. Franc has extended his expertise with implementing patient lifestyle intervention programs with therapeutic medical device consulting & sales.

With his international management background, Franc has been acting in the healthcare industry and held diverse international consulting and management positions in and outside of Germany.

Since end of 2018 Franc is founder and CEO of Actinus. Actinus’ vision is to implement own developed so-called Regeneration Health Concept (RHC) for conservative diagnostics and treatment in diverse countries. To complete the RHC, Franc has become expert in nutrition over years of research and development. He is developing own natural and unique vital substances under the brand name TripleVital®. On request, he his developing and producing new formulations for 3rd parties as well for customers all over the world, together with his more than 10 years experienced lab team partner.

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Franc Pepelnik

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