Dr. Carolin Miltenburger

Dr. Carolin Miltenburger is a strategy consultant focused on market access for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. She helps companies to develop and implement strategies and organizational solutions to define and show the value of healthcare technologies (diagnostics, drugs, devices) to payers, healthcare providers and patients. She supports the full product life cycle from proof of concept (POC) to patent loss (LOE).

Carolin is a trained psychologist (PhD), health economist and organizational consultant and brings 25+ years in international consultancy and leadership positions in large and mid-sized companies (e.g. Schering AG, Medtronic, Novartis, United Health, Boston Healthcare Associates).

She has experience in a broad range of indications (e.g. neurology, respiratory, orthopedic, oncology, orphan indications) and methodologies (psychology, health economics, design thinking, stakeholder mapping); Carolin also has a large international network of experts with whom she may partner for larger projects.

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Dr. Carolin Miltenburger
Richard-Wagner-Straße 17
D-10585 Berlin
M +49 151 6460 9799