Dirk Freier

Dirk Freier is a personnel developer, a coach, a mediator, and a lawyer — in exactly this order.

Dirk, who started his career as a lawyer, has realized throughout the years that a human being is not only the source of any problem but also the key for its solution. That is why he focuses in his consulting approach on building personalities, competencies and capabilities.

In addition to his role as an independent consultant, Dirk is managing director for Master Management in Germany. Master Management offers a range of high quality psychometric test and assessment tools for Human Resource information analysis. With these solutions, Dirk supports his customers to accelerate and simplify workflows, eliminate uncertainties, and reduce costs in HR management.

In summary: Dirk helps his clients investing in the right people, enhancing employee performance, and boosting his client’s growth.

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Dirk Freier
Rheingauer Straße 31
D-65343 Eltville

M +49 172 1327 180