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The new digital possibilities in healthcare will have a profound effect: on the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as on the prerequisites that companies in the healthcare

Healthcare Shapers Strategy

Change Leadership 4.0

Healthcare is not the only industry facing many changes – call them globalization, digitalization, governmental and regulatory interference, access and reimbursement challenges, artificial intelligence advances, multifaceted workforces, “you-name-it-4.0”,… – it seems


Digital Healthcare: not yet

In Germany already 27% of enterprises generate more than 60% of their revenue through digital means and channels. Following a monitoring report from the German Ministry for economy, healthcare and


The electronic patient record is a good example of how far Germany lags behind countries like Scandinavia and the Baltic states in digitalization. It doesn’t look much better with other


People are worth more to the healthcare sector sick than healthy. Current payment systems are supply driven and reward treatment, rather than prevention or outcome-based interventions. The result is that