Today, managers in the healthcare industry are particularly challenged to master the ever faster, cross-sectoral changes. Large technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Samsung are pushing into the healthcare market just as much as small, agile start-ups.

Challenge: digitization, customer focus, collaboration across organizational boundaries — all keywords that demand more from managers in the healthcare industry than in other industries. The technology industry’s development paradigm of iteratively testing improvements with beta users in rapid succession and then selling them to customers willing to pay is fundamentally different from the approach in the healthcare industry. Here, new solutions are only brought to market and reimbursed once they have proven their superiority in strictly monitored tests.

Outlook: Managers in the healthcare industry must set an example. Not only work lean, but be innovative and mindful. Set an example of work-life balance and shine in social media at the same time. Traditional development programs are being replaced by interactive and mobile learning methods that replace traditional classroom learning. Executives are challenged to become the drivers of change themselves and to prepare the culture in their organizations for the digital age also in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Shapers offer diverse and pragmatic approaches to support managers in this change, both selectively and individually. Specialist experts with depth in the healthcare industry, who work with managers in a targeted and flexible manner to enable rapid success.

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