Ulrich Kolzenburg

Ulrich is an interim manager and consultant focussing on the innovation cycle of MedTech companies, including R & D, manufacturing and general (project) management. Ulrich is based in Germany and mainly operates in Europe, USA and India.

With his in-depth expertise, he significantly reduced pipeline costs in R & D (e.g. through reorganisation and site transfers) and lowered product costs (e.g. by redesigning the architecture) and improved the speed of product delivery (e.g. through multiple due diligence checks and by post-merger integrations).

In addition to line management, Ulrich pushes projects for product delivery over the entire product life cycle. Some samples of his expertise include urine analyzers, blood glucose meters, primary sample distributors, pipetting machines, laboratory information systems and software for operating room management. The background system for the German health card for managing smartcard applications (CAMS) also comes from a unit that is created and managed by him. And he’s always looking for the next challenge.

At a glance: Ulrich supports his customers in all questions of the innovation chain with a clear view of its entire width and depth.

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Ulrich Kolzenburg

Heisenbergweg 31
D-85540 Haar

 +49  171 5286 698