Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Craig A. DeLarge, MBA, MPHDigital Health Strategist, The Digital Mental Health Project A tipping point is approaching where the majority of humanity will use digital devices for communication, work and shopping. What if this same majority were equally good at using their digital devices to increase their mental and behavioral wellness.

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Kathy LetendrePresident, Letendre & Associates LLC Now, more than ever, organizations need clarity. For some healthcare organizations, the crisis of the past year became a strategic accelerator! They accomplished more in a few months than they had in years. For other organizations, this was not the case. They are just now

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Erkan Hassan, PharmD, FCCMChief Clinical Officer, Sepsis Program Optimization Innovative technology alone does not ensure success.  Clinicians and technology groups are accustomed to working in divergent methods and cultures.  Combining the 2 approaches is critical for success. Healthcare poses unique characteristics for innovators vs other industries. Innovators need to determine the

Personalisierte Medizin: Fortschritt – nur für wenige, oder doch für alle?

Personalised medicine is the topic at medical congresses and attracts the crowds. The hottest topics are cell & gene therapies and RNA therapies.  The two approved cell therapies, Kymriah (Novartis) and Yescarta (Kite/Gilead) are so-called “CAR-T” therapies, which use autologous cells, i.e., the patient’s own T-cells. In the laboratory, the T-cells are modified using the

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Joe McMenamin, MD, JDPrincipal, McMenamin Law Offices PLLC Advocates say artificial intelligence will revolutionize healthcare through drug discovery, improved diagnostic accuracy, and more wisely chosen therapies. Critics claim that AI is plagued by algorithm failures, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and rampant bias, such that it will destroy privacy, fairness, professional job security, and