Strategie trifft Umsetzung

Driving the Strategy Execution

In our complex and busy world, a lot of focus is put on defining the strategies. Most experts though agree that the quality of the execution of these strategies is

Faster time to market, less funds: How to survive as a BioTech Startup?

The climate of overall uncertainty in markets is leading to a lower tolerance of uncertainty by investors: this translates into higher pressure on invested companies, especially Biotech start-ups, to deliver

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Craig A. DeLarge, MBA, MPHDigital Health Strategist, The Digital Mental Health Project A tipping point is approaching where the majority of humanity will use digital devices

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Kathy LetendrePresident, Letendre & Associates LLC Now, more than ever, organizations need clarity. For some healthcare organizations, the crisis of the past year became a strategic

Healthcare Shapers Perspectives Guest: Erkan Hassan, PharmD, FCCMChief Clinical Officer, Sepsis Program Optimization Innovative technology alone does not ensure success.  Clinicians and technology groups are accustomed to working in divergent