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As the founder of a start-up, you face a variety of challenges of all kinds. Successfully developing a marketable product from your own idea is both the most important goal and the biggest challenge. The healthcare market is highly regulated and extremely competitive, the market environment with its many stakeholder groups is complex and your company needs customized solutions. We are the booster that helps you achieve your goals quickly, effectively and pragmatically with our many years of healthcare expertise in all areas relevant to you.

Challenge: Key components for the realization of your idea are comprehensive market knowledge (expertise), the right contacts (network), a common thread (strategy), clear milestones (prioritization & focus) and a sustainable basic structure that can be built on in the long term (process & organizational structure). On this basis, it is important to quickly develop a business model that meets the needs of the market (market fit) and build up an initial track record (MVP & market feedback). This enables the necessary financial resources (sales, funding & financing) to be generated in order to build a competent, coherent team and successfully scale the company.

Solution: The experts in the Healthcare Shapers network have a long track record of success, accompanying start-ups specializing in healthcare through all phases of development. We have strong references and achieve demonstrable success with our clients. At eye level, we provide pragmatic quick hacks to achieve your goals efficiently. We can open the right doors for you directly. We know the specific, technical challenges of the market in detail and support your start-up from pre-seed to late-stage:

  • Analysis of market & competition
  • Development of strategies & business models
  • Implementation of MVPs & development of a track record
  • Achieving market fit & obtaining market feedback
  • Access to relevant networks & contacts
  • Acquiring funding & financial resources
  • Support for organizational development & scaling

We also support you in operational implementation and help with regulatory and legal issues, market research, marketing and communication as well as mentoring and coaching your team.

Our network - many advantages for you!

  • Access to over 140 experienced healthcare experts from all relevant specialist areas in Germany, Europe & the USA
  • Flexible and innovative quickhacks thanks to the many years of founding experience of many partners
    • Results-oriented, inspiring doer mentality of our partners
    • Operational participation at eye level
  • Access to the relevant players in the healthcare market: we put you in touch with decision-makers at pharmaceutical and medtech companies, health insurance companies and investors 

Taking off together

We support you as a consultant or interim manager individually, pragmatically and hands-on. With us, you will simply achieve your goals and visions faster while your start-up develops optimally. 

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Health Startup - take off!

How to engage with us

Some of our clients seek informal exchange with experts. Come to one of our events, where we talk about trends in the healthcare industry. Other clients simply want to get a second opinion on a difficult question. At a Sounding Board, we bring together the right experts and take a position on your question. Very pragmatically and without a large consulting fee. Sometimes, however, it is also a matter of clarifying a question. Often a tailor-made workshop with the right people involved helps to create a concrete project plan. And if you already have the plan for your project, we can help you find the right consultant or the perfectly coordinated project team. Often we also fill roles ad interim. And always without overhead costs. Because we are not a consulting firm but a network of independent entrepreneurs. And we think just as entrepreneurially as our clients.

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