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Are you a private or institutional investor? Then you've come to the right place. Because the Health Care Shapers are your independent and reliable partners for specialist questions relating to the complex healthcare sector, which entails a number of investment risks:

  • The healthcare sector has high and often opaque regulatory hurdles.
  • Business models are often not clearly defined, which frequently leads to investment failure.
  • A good understanding of the complex interplay between market participants is required in order to make the projects, most of which have been running for many years, a success.

To summarize: The chance of investing in a flop is over 90 percent.

We help you to minimize these risks with our many years of expertise:

  • We find suitable start-ups for you so that you can build up or expand your portfolio in a sensible and targeted manner.
  • We support you with our specialist know-how in your due diligence so that your investment ends up in the right place.
  • We coach your portfolio start-ups on your behalf from a technical perspective and use our many years of expertise to help increase the prospects of success.

Our philosophy is not just to provide advice, but to accompany investors as a long-term partner. We are independent and flexible, committed solely to our clients in order to guarantee the quality of our advice and recommendations. 

private or institutional investor?

How to engage with us

Some of our clients seek informal exchange with experts. Come to one of our events, where we talk about trends in the healthcare industry. Other clients simply want to get a second opinion on a difficult question. At a Sounding Board, we bring together the right experts and take a position on your question. Very pragmatically and without a large consulting fee. Sometimes, however, it is also a matter of clarifying a question. Often a tailor-made workshop with the right people involved helps to create a concrete project plan. And if you already have the plan for your project, we can help you find the right consultant or the perfectly coordinated project team. Often we also fill roles ad interim. And always without overhead costs. Because we are not a consulting firm but a network of independent entrepreneurs. And we think just as entrepreneurially as our clients.

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