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Thomas Pendele

Tom is an independent consultant and earned his diploma in business administration at the Technical University in Nürnberg.

More than 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, working at c-levels in wholesale, production, media and software development, Tom´s focus is developing companies strategies, transformation of products, digitization, sales strategies and backend processes into futures generation and supervising complex projects. His motto: “any business is people business” brings his philosophy into the centre of acting. Close to technology, Tom also manages projects for medical devices coming along with IOT and connectivity solutions, embedded and mobile applications, as well as integrated data analytics. But after all, future and disruptive business models with sustainability and competitiveness are the goals Tom is individually facing in his projects. Beside organic development strategies, several M&A transactions accompanied his healthcare vita to strengthen his clients positions and fast growth.

Together with his strong partnerships, he designs creative Marketing and Sales strategies, market and competitor analyses and helps companies to enter cross board success stories and prepares foreign companies for their market entrance in Germany.

Individually tailored solutions developing employees on the strategy way — even in extreme U-Turn situations — are Tom’s values of experiences carried out in many short and long term projects.

Talk to Tom if you´re looking for:

  • Strategies for transformation and turn around
  • Solutions for medical software development, IOT, and predictive analytics
  • Strategies for marketing and sales, new markets, target groups, disruptive business models
  • Interim Management, projectmanagement, supervising
  • Analytics and support for Mergers & Acquisitions strategies
  • Strategy attendant workshops and trainings
Thomas Pendele

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Chapter: DE Members

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Providers - Healthcare | MedTech | Trade

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Development | Finance / Controlling | Health Tech | Market Access | Sales

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Change Mgmt | Innovation | Org Design | Proj / Program Mgmt | Strategy | Workshops

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Thomas Pendele
Sebastianstr. 12
D-91058 Erlangen

Phone: +49 163 733 2447


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