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Serdil Dogan

Serdil Dogan is a woman with a big vision — not only because she founded SIVISIONS, a consulting firm aimed to help mid-sized companies succeed in the age of Industry 4.0. With a solution oriented mindset she strives for excellence and puts quality into everything she does.

Over the years she has gained experience in project- and process-management. She managed projects relating to marketing & sales and was responsible for monitoring and implementation in matrix organisations. She has managed change issues including business process optimization with the goal of enhancing process efficiency and effectiveness.

Working several years in the healthcare market, she knows the importance of connecting the dots and linking various market participants with each other to design and support healthcare.

Today, Serdil focuses on urging the digital transformation in the healthcare market by providing conceptional solutions.

Serdil Dogan

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Serdil Dogan
Karlsruher Allee 49-3
D-71636 Ludwigsburg

Phone: +49 151 2143 9376


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