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Prof. Dr. Rainer Moosdorf

Rainer Moosdorf is devoted to cardiovascular surgery since more than 35 years. In 2017, he retired as a Professor (Professor Emeritus) and is now working as a scientific reviewer and expert for international medical societies and journals as well as for courts and lawyers. In addition, he is a freelance senior consultant for hospitals and medtech companies.

After studies of medicine and dentistry, Rainer was trained as a Cardiovascular Surgeon. After his habilitation in 1990, he became a full Professor in Bonn, Germany, and Vice Chairman of the respective department. Four years later, he was appointed as full Professor and Chairman of the department for cardiovascular surgery in Marburg, Germany. In the following years, he was appointed Vice Dean of the faculty, Vice Medical Director and later acting Medical Director of the University Hospital. During these years, the University Hospital Marburg went through a transition from a public to a private operator and was merged with a former competitor, the University Hospital Giessen, two innnovative steps among German medical faculties.

Today, Rainer accompanies operator changes and hospital fusions including the respective restructuring of the medical alignment, necessary personal adjustments and structural changes. In addition, he advises medtech and pharmaceutical companies with market analyses, launching and marketing of new products in the fields of surgery and cardiovascular medicine.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Moosdorf

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Prof. Dr. Rainer Moosdorf
Pappelweg 12
D-35041 Marburg

Phone: +49 171 6540 328


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