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Nils Widal

Nils was the first member of his family to go to university where he worked his way through his studies. After working in and around some of the largest companies in the world and some of the biggest names in tech, Nils realized that he wanted to build his own company with a completely different work environment and culture.

He found that many of these companies fostered environments that lacked candor and constructive feedback. These elements are critical to success in work, but they are often replaced by a political culture. Nils believed that the lack of candor and openness really stifled innovation in these companies.

Nils also found working in companies in the travel and tech sectors was exciting and challenging but was not fulfilling because the work he was doing was not really contributing to society in the way that he wanted.

Nils founded Vertrical in 2020 specifically to focus on the Digital Health space because Digital Health truly has the capacity to improve our lives and to help us live happier and longer lives. At the same time, Digital Health doesn’t just have a societal goal, it is also technically complex and challenging. Nils also founded Vertical to break ranks with conventional IT companies and their political culture. Vertrical has an open and honest culture built on constructive feedback designed to foster talent and spur innovation.

On this journey, Nils became an advisor for many small Startups and matured healthcare companies diving into digital transformation and embedding technical best practices.

Nils Widal

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