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Jean-François Gufflet

Jean-François Gufflet is an expert for Key Account Management, selling to Hospitals. After more than 25 years of experience with companies such as Pfizer and Ipsen, he founded INVICTIS, providing consulting, training, and interim management for commercial organisations of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

For manufacturers of both drugs and medical devices, managing the “hospital customer” has already changed considerably. The massification of purchases, the multiplication of decision-makers, the new governance… All these parameters have and will still modify the way of approaching the commercial relationship with the hospital world.

In this context, Jean-François can help you ask the right questions and find suitable answers, for instance:

  • What is the landscape of hospital purchasing in France?
  • What operational organization should I put in place to be efficient?
  • How can I maintain the relationship with my key account customer?
  • Why has the account plan become an essential tool for this long-term relationship?
  • How can I create value in the customer relationship?
  • What support should I offer to my operational forces?

INVICTIS will accompany you and provide a specific response to each of your operational issues. Jean-François lives in Southern France.

Jean-François Gufflet

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Providers - Healthcare

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Medical | Procurement

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Business Development | Coaching | HR Development | Proj / Program Mgmt | Statistics / Analytics | Workshops

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Jean-François Gufflet
35 Rue Xavier Hall b
F- 92240 Malakoff

Phone: +33 7 8605 6357


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