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Frank Sodha

Frank Sodha is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant, and Builder in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry.

He started his career as Management Consultant with Price Waterhouse. Afterwards he joined Teleflex as President of their Hospital Supply Business with several hundred Mio. annual revenues and multiple locations around the world. After 10 years with Teleflex, he started his independent career as entrepreneur, builder, investor and consultant. He built and divested companies in Slovakia, invested in a neurosurgical business based in Hamburg, where he still is a co-owner, served on the boards of multiple start-ups and was responsible for various consulting projects in the start-up arena. Lately he ran a pharmaceutical company based in Cologne as CEO.

His expertise is in medtech and pharma, where he spent almost 30 years.

Frank Sodha

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Frank Sodha
Calwer Strasse 20/1
D-75391 Gechingen

Phone: +49 172 7314 423


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