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Frank Bialkowski

Frank Bialkowski is an expert in Patient Support Programs (PSP) and Patient Relationship Management (PRM).

In the course of digitization, the healthcare market has started to change significantly. It is now up to management to evaluate existing business models, identify new opportunities and, as a market participant, reconcile the changed interests of all players. The focus is now increasingly on the patient and their changing role as an active and smart patient.

Frank helps to develop solutions and strategies that put the patient at the center of all business considerations. Success factors are: PSPs, the generation of health economic data, and healthcare service centers.

Frank has overseen a variety of patient support programs, particularly for rare diseases. In addition, he has developed an analysis tool for omni-channel distribution at the interfaces to PSPs.

Frank Bialkowski

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Chapter: DE Members


Frank Bialkowski
Gut Barbarastein 1
D-41569 Rommerskirchen

Phone: +49 176 9883 2234

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