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Emmanuel Lizee

Emmanuel Lizee specialises in Eco-design of products and services and consults in Research & Development activities in the orthopaedic field.

Trained as an engineer in biomechanics, Emmanuel Lizee developed a mathematical model to simulate the behaviour of the human body during a car crash before joining Peugeot as a car safety expert. 

He then devoted over 20 years to the design of joint prostheses. As a project manager and then R&D director at Tornier, Wright Medical and Corin, through mergers and acquisitions, from preliminary design to commercial launch, he supervised international product research and development teams and supported organisations in their transformation. 

With 28 years of experience in R&D in demanding fields and expertise in the medical industrial sector and its regulatory constraints, Emmanuel is now committed to the environmental cause: He founded the R&Durable Innovation consultancy, whose purpose is to ‘contribute to inventing the products, processes and services of Tomorrow and to provide concrete support to organisations towards a Circular and Sustainable Economy, respectful of the Environment and People’. 

In parallel to this growing activity oriented towards the environmental cause, he continues to share his extensive R&D expertise in the field of orthopaedic implants (technical audit, team and product portfolio management, project development process, innovation, etc.) and associated technologies (navigation, customised guidance, augmented vision, etc.) for all joints. 

Emmanuel Lizee

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Emmanuel Lizee
5 rue du Pont Saint Jaime
F-38000 Grenoble

Phone: +33 665 797 043


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