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Dr. Xavier Frapaise

Xavier Frapaise is a trained medical doctor (M.D.), with over 40 years of international drug development experience. With his strategic thinking and experience as a CEO and board member, he now assists his clients in up-scaling and developing a new drug or therapeutics in a challenging financial and regulatory environment.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, he worked in several, large pharmaceutical companies and biotechs across the United States and the European Union. Having held senior C-level Positions (CEO, VP Medical Affairs and R&D, Clinical Operations, CSO, and CMO) in Drug Development, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Affairs and Strategic Marketing/Strategic Planning, he has supported and led the development of life-saving drugs for various diseases. 

Xavier is passionate about improving patient-access to medicine, innovation, and disruptive technologies. He believes in a hollistic approach to developing medecine, and that it is key to understand every part of the drug development process: pharmacovigilance, statistics, and medical affairs. 

Cultivating a life-long interest in learning languages, he became fluent in French, English, and German, and conversant in Spanish and Japanese.

Xavier Frapaise

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