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Dr. Anita Puppe

Anita Puppe is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models for healthcare start-ups. Currently she is working for IBM iX, implementing design thinking for Pharma, Life Science and Hospitals. She helps companies on their market access and strategy driven healthcare data.

Anita worked in telemedicine and tech companies at the AI campus in Berlin as well as in Spain. Passionate for innovation and digital health, Anita supported start-ups who are focusing on patient education (e.g., medudoc in Berlin), saving surgeons/physicians time in their clinical day, or creating more efficient processes, and optimizing surgery departments.

Furthermore, Anita enjoys entrepreneurial Business Processes, Company Structures, Design thinking, International Relations and investment opportunities. Working several years in the healthcare market, she knows the importance of connecting the dots and linking various market participants with each other to design and support healthcare.

Anita studied medicine in the Netherlands, worked in hospitals in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, and in Germany. She obtained her MBA and MSc. degree in healthcare management in Zürich and Brussels.

Dr. Anita Puppe

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Dr. Anita Puppe
Am Studio 2
D-12489 Berlin

Phone: +49 176 3036 9101


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