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Craig A. DeLarge

Craig A. DeLarge is a digital healthcare strategist & intrapreneur, and founder/curator at The Digital Mental Health Project. The Project combines his occupation as digital health strategist, and vocation as mental health advocate and caregiver, to produce, education, research and events which facilitate a “responsible” adoption of digital in the mental health space.

In his career, Craig has held a healthcare marketing and digital health roles throughout his career with Takeda Pharma, MSD, Novo Nordisk, GSK, J&J, Communications Media, Inc, IMS Health (now IQVIA) and the (U.S.) National Alliance on Mental Illness. These roles have been executed in US, global and emerging markets regional context (out of Singapore).

His core expertise are in the areas of digital health, digital transformation, change management, customer & business development, and customer relationship marketing & communications.  He has spoken, taught & lectured in marketing, strategy, change leadership & communications at Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University, St. Joseph’s University, Chestnut Hill College, Drexel University, Penn State, and myriad industry conferences.  He has degrees in Marketing from Philadelphia University (BSc), and Design Management (MBA) from the University of Westminster (UK). He is also a candidate Public Health Masters student at Kings College, London. He is also a certified professional coach and published author of The WiseWorking Handbook (2014).

Craig resides in Philadelphia, PA, USA. More details about his results, project portfolio and colleague recommendations can be found at

Craig A. DeLarge

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Craig DeLarge

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