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Agnes Bornet

Agnes Bornet is a strategic and visionary marketing and business growth consultant, specialized in the medical device industry and passionate by medical innovation and AI. With a unique combination of visionary leadership, data-driven insights, and deep industry knowledge, Agnes collaborates with clients to develop comprehensive marketing and business development strategies that align with their business goals and set them apart from the competition. 

Agnes possesses a comprehensive skill set in strategic marketing services, spanning market segmentation, positioning, differentiation, and global expansion. She demonstrates exceptional proficiency in defining the ideal go-to-market strategies and effectively executes them by identifying suitable candidates or partners to target specific customer segments, thereby maximizing outcomes. Her track record of scaling businesses across borders has consistently delivered successful international growth for numerous clients.

In addition to her strategic prowess, Agnes is known for her collaborative approach. She partners closely with clients, working as an extension of their teams to understand their challenges and create solutions that drive measurable results. Her emphasis on team building and talent development ensures that the high-performance teams she fosters are equipped to achieve their goals.

Agnes is passionate about developing effective Go-to-Market strategies, utilizing a comprehensive approach to distribution and promotion. She has a track record of driving international expansion, fostering strong relationships with key opinion leaders, and creating robust regulatory roadmaps.

Choose Agnes Bornet as your strategic marketing and business development consultant for a results-focused approach that delivers sustainable competitive advantages and drives growth and profitability for your business.

Agnes Bornet

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