The countdown is running. Pharmaceutical companies in Germany are now implementing the EFPIA voluntary code on disclosure of transfer of value.


Our Healthcare Shapers member Ralf Jahns is now for the 5th time conducting the world’s largest mHealth research program. Take part in the survey and win a free ticket to the mHealth Summit in Riga!

33 experts from pharmacompanies, payer organizations, providers but also patient representatives came together in a unique collaborative workshop to discuss about patient programs.

Healthcare Shapers Patient Programs

Learn what 114 experts and executives responded in the survey of the Healthcare Shapers focused on Patient Programs. Interesting insights about how quality and individualization are critical for the success of a patient program and how consumer technologies are expected to make an inroads into medical territories.

Healthcare Shapers Patient Solutions

Putting patients’ needs first is key to ensure adherence and health outcomes. But this is not enough. Other points of contact such as friends and family, doctors, nurses, pharmacists also play an important role. But how to engage all relevant stakeholders in a patient-oriented care program? And how to adapt the interaction points over time when a disease progresses? And who will pay for the required services? How will digital technologies and remote monitoring such as the rapidly developing landscape of apps alter the situation?

Healthcare Shapers Strategy

Many pharmaceutical companies struggle in highly saturated markets. One of our Healthcare Shapers, Joerg Heydecke and his partner developed a strategy approach that was originally used within the crowded mobile phone market. As this approach is very much based on the perception and intuition of experienced executives and hence differs from the typically highly data-driven approaches, it helps to focus on the true essentials of a market.