Healthcare Shapers zum Medikationsplan

According to the new German e-health law, GPs have to provide their patients receiving more than three prescription drugs a written medication plan. This shall improve safety of drug therapy (and reduce redundant prescriptions). As the eHealth card is far from full implementation, medication plans will be handed out in paper form only.

Obviously, this leads to multiple questions, e.g. who will educate patients, what role will pharmacists play, what about OTC, etc.

As Healthcare Shapers we engage with our clients to navigate in times of such uncertainty and leverage untapped opportunities.

We held a masterclass on September 6th in Cologne which received excellent feedback from participants. Contact us to find out more.

Healthcare Shapers regional

From time to time, Healthcare Shapers organize informal gatherings over dinner. These regional meetings are opportunities to get to know each other, share experience, chat, generate ideas, develop business together.

And some other events are organized with support from the Healthcare Shapers. Both will be listed here.

On March 4-5, 2016, all partners and friends of the Healthcare Shapers are invited to the annual meeting. The event takes place in a highly inspiring location. Objective is to deepen the network and get to know each other both from a content and a personal perspective.

Healthcare Shapers zu Digital Uncertainty

Healthcare Shapers started an initiative to help clients find orientation in these times as “digital” seems to rule the world. Posts in social media, conferences, and newsletters shout for disruption and digital transformation. This is all contributing to an information overload for many decision-makers. We can help to navigate and determine the appropriate course of action for our clients.

CAPITAL, one of the leading German business magazines, nominated Healthcare Shapers member Joerg Heydecke and his team from INFRONT CONSULTING as hidden champion in the category of digitalization.

469 managers where asked who are the best consultants. In order to qualify as a hidden champion, the reputation of a consultant needed to be higher than that of McKinsey, BCG or Roland Berger.

Congratulations! More about these champions at http://www.infront-consulting.com/home/


33 participants from different companies gathered for two days in Berlin to create innovative business models for better patient care. This video shows the atmosphere during the event. Such a format might also fit your purpose for solving complex problems. Contact us for more info…