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Die neuen digitalen Möglichkeiten in der Gesundheitsversorgung wirken sich nachhaltig aus: auf die Beziehung zwischen Patient und Healthcare Professional sowie auf die Voraussetzungen, die Unternehmen der Healthcare-Branche mit passenden digitalen Strategien und IT-Inventar bieten müssen. Welchen Einfluss hat diese Entwicklung auf zukünftige E-Health-Konzepte? Und welche informationstechnologischen Voraussetzungen benötigen betroffene Unternehmen, um konkrete Werte aus der


Wie Ralf Jahns, einer der Partner aus dem Beraternetzwerk der Healthcare Shapers erläutert, hat es bislang kein Pharmahersteller geschafft, mit einer Gesundheitsapp wirklich PS auf die Straße zu bringen. Aber dennoch steigt die Anzahl verfügbarer Apps weiter an. Gleichzeitig sinkt die Anzahl der Downloads. Gibt es also zuviele Apps? Oder taugen sie einfach nicht? Wo ist der Nutzen für

3 Jahre Healthcare Shapers

Healthcare Shapers are celebrating their third birthday in October. Founded in 2013, the network now comprises more than 50 partners, making it one of the largest consulting practices to the healthcare industry in German-speaking Europe

Interviews mit den Healthcare Shapers

The network of the Healthcare Shapers spans a wide range of partners with deep and profound expertise in healthcare — just as wide as the entire healthcare ecosystem. Aiming to portrait this breadth, we started a series of interviews. All in German language.

Christian Milaster, an expert on telemedicine who worked for 17 years in the US, some of those at the Mayo Clinic, speaks about digitization and compares healthcare in the US and in Germany. https://vimeo.com/168482847

Ralf Jahns talks about apps and mobile health and explains why pharma companies or payor organizations are not best positioned to publish apps. https://vimeo.com/170158148

Ulrich Schwanke, a medical doctor by training was involved in creating the first internet-based physician network back in 1998. https://vimeo.com/169821207

Dr. Michael Gerards, a true expert on innovation processes, has co-founded a company dealing with virtual reality. Learn from him about visual reality applications in healthcare https://vimeo.com/170261697

Healthcare Shapers zum Medikationsplan

According to the new German e-health law, GPs have to provide their patients receiving more than three prescription drugs a written medication plan. This shall improve safety of drug therapy (and reduce redundant prescriptions). As the eHealth card is far from full implementation, medication plans will be handed out in paper form only.

Obviously, this leads to multiple questions, e.g. who will educate patients, what role will pharmacists play, what about OTC, etc.

As Healthcare Shapers we engage with our clients to navigate in times of such uncertainty and leverage untapped opportunities.

We held a masterclass on September 6th in Cologne which received excellent feedback from participants. Contact us to find out more.

Healthcare Shapers regional

From time to time, Healthcare Shapers organize informal gatherings over dinner. These regional meetings are opportunities to get to know each other, share experience, chat, generate ideas, develop business together.

And some other events are organized with support from the Healthcare Shapers. Both will be listed here.